10-Minute Office Stretch Break

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It’s 12:30 pm, and you have been sitting for 3 hours. Your body is not only hungry for a satisfying meal, but it’s also hungry for movement. It’s time to move your body. Take ten, with this 10-minute stretch break that works your body from the ground up! Warm Up-1 minute We begin our stretching with a small lateral walk … Read More

How to Reduce Back and Neck Pain Associated with Office Work

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Ergonomic Center Program

Humans are made to move. Observe small children when a song plays. They allow their hips to swerve as they feel the rhythm.  As adults, the 9am-5pm office job at a desk leaves us without the ability to move- without the ability to let our bodies do what they need. In an article for the Huffington Post from 2017, Steven … Read More

Improve Your Work Station

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Note: If you have had any recent health problems, injury, surgery, or any of these actions cause you any pain, consult a health professional before starting this program. With the addition of our new work ergonomic station, I thought it would be helpful to introduce a related series in the JFPT newsletter, informing our readers and patients on how to improve … Read More

How To Create A Healthy And Dynamic Workspace

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New York, NY (November 17, 2014) – James Fowler Physical Therapy announced the launch of a new program called the Ergonomic Center. The goal of the Ergonomic Center is to help patients work and feel better by creating a more dynamic workplace and incorporating movement through sitting and standing. The ergonomic center offers a 45 minute assessment with individualized workstation … Read More