Welcoming Wellness in All Ways

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Author: Adrianna Aguilar For almost 17 years, JFPT has brought individual physical therapy sessions to New York that improve one’s health and way of movement in life. Over time, we have striven to build a more comprehensive environment geared toward wellness, adding new modes of improving health such as Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. This year, we are excited to add … Read More

Join our JFPT Corporate Wellness Program!

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As social beings, it is common to feel the urge to be a part of a team or group united under a cause or task. A built in environment for potential unions is our workplace. But how do you get to know those folks right next to you better when you are supposed to be completing your work and tasks … Read More

10-Minute Office Stretch Break

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It’s 12:30 pm, and you have been sitting for 3 hours. Your body is not only hungry for a satisfying meal, but it’s also hungry for movement. It’s time to move your body. Take ten, with this 10-minute stretch break that works your body from the ground up! Warm Up-1 minute We begin our stretching with a small lateral walk … Read More

How to Reduce Back and Neck Pain Associated with Office Work

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Ergonomic Center Program

Humans are made to move. Observe small children when a song plays. They allow their hips to swerve as they feel the rhythm.  As adults, the 9am-5pm office job at a desk leaves us without the ability to move- without the ability to let our bodies do what they need. In an article for the Huffington Post from 2017, Steven … Read More

Improve Your Work Station

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Note: If you have had any recent health problems, injury, surgery, or any of these actions cause you any pain, consult a health professional before starting this program. With the addition of our new work ergonomic station, I thought it would be helpful to introduce a related series in the JFPT newsletter, informing our readers and patients on how to improve … Read More

How To Create A Healthy And Dynamic Workspace

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New York, NY (November 17, 2014) – James Fowler Physical Therapy announced the launch of a new program called the Ergonomic Center. The goal of the Ergonomic Center is to help patients work and feel better by creating a more dynamic workplace and incorporating movement through sitting and standing. The ergonomic center offers a 45 minute assessment with individualized workstation … Read More