Sore When You Wake Up? These Three Reasons Are Likely Why

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Are You Sore When Waking Up?

You wake up. However, you don’t actually feel rested, and your body aches. Did you really sleep during the 7-9 hours? If this sounds like your morning inner dialogue, it may be time to update your sleep hygiene including position, pillow and mattress. ​ We update our phones and backup our computers often but forget to update and backup the … Read More

21 Reasons Your Back Hurts… And What You Can Do About It

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Wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and run to work. The start of every morning is a test in multitasking effectively. Yet, the ultimate multitasking is occurring within the structure of your back as you make your way through the start of your day. Your spine is a unique combination of bones, discs, joints and supportive muscles that is continually … Read More

Text Neck: How to Correct the Problem and Ease the Pain

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In our modern day society, if you don’t own a smart phone, you are part of the vast minority. According to a survey by Deloitte, an average person checks their phone 46 times a day. That’s a lot of time spent looking down. You might have begun to experience a tightness in the back of your neck, and probably assumed … Read More

Working Out in the Winter: Should You Do It?

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Surprise! You probably thought winter was coming to an end… and then “unexpectedly” New York City received 6 inches of snow after a 2 week streak of 50 degree+ temperatures. All around, runners were happily taking advantage of the warm weather. If you were not one of them, you were certainly dodging them on every city block. For those runners, … Read More

Finding Balance: How To Treat Vertigo

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Have you ever experienced vertigo? The room spins, you become nauseated and feel as if you will lose balance and fall. These are just a few of the symptoms many patients with vestibular deficiencies will report. ​ The vestibular system is part of your inner ear and includes your semicircular canals, utricle, and saccule. At the end of the semicircular … Read More

11 Free Fitness Classes in New York City

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Free Fitness Classes in NYC

Updated June 2018! Did you know that there are hundreds of free fitness classes all over New York? Catering to every intensity these free fitness classes are scattered throughout the day, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. Below is a cross section of the various free classes available, featuring a little something for everyone. So whether you … Read More

Post ACL Reconstruction

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A couple clips from a current patient in February 2015, who had an ACL Reconstruction Surgery in June 2014. He is planning to return to skiing and these are a few of the exercises he has been doing to replicate the stress of skiing variable terrain. NOTE: Correct foot position on landing to a more neutral position and increase hip stabilization … Read More

New Years Resolution Physical Therapy

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7 Physical Therapy New Year’s Resolution Tips Set an attainable timeline. Within the timeline set mini goals to check-off along the way. Habits are normally formed after about 21 days, so stick with it! Keep it simple. Pick one or two resolutions that are important enough to commit to and focus on them. Find a friend or family member for accountability. Talking … Read More