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With the right orthotics, every step can feel better than the last. Feel empowered to walk, jog, run, jump, and move how you want with Tamir Kfir orthotics improving your support and comfort.

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Tamir Kfir is a leading Orthotist and Prosthetist with 20 years of experience in designing orthotics and orthopedic prosthesis. Tamir Kfir developed the Dynamic Motion ControlTM technique for designing orthotics for athletes and individuals involved in sports.

Tamir Kfir’s uniqueness lies in his ability to identify each athlete’s individual needs and to tailor the orthotics that would specifically cater to them. Clients undergo comprehensive tests to analyze the unique structure of their feet, in addition to measuring their height and weight and studying their athletic involvement and personal physical characteristics. The custom-made orthotics that are produced based on the accumulated data are proven to alleviate pain, prevent injuries and enhance performance.

His expertise as well as the outstanding quality of the Orthotics, have made Tamir Kfir a primary brand-name in the field. His clientele includes many internationally renowned athletes and teams in all fields of sports.

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Orthotics are an accessory inserted into shoes to create the perfect fit. Most people’s feet are not perfectly aligned with one another.

Orthotics correct the biomechanics of the foot, for optimal landing and propulsion, better posture and better balance. Insoles are also shock absorbers and reduce pain throughout the body (feet, knees, back), for increased comfort and performance.


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Who Needs Orthotics?

Most people have some sort of structural or functional imperfections in their feet, which do not always result in pain on a daily basis. Over the years, however, neglecting foot problems can lead to chronic pain, particularly in people who are physically active, or spend many hours a day on their feet.

Many athletes (amateur and professional alike) have foot problems that cause pain and injuries that ultimately harm their performance. Structural or functional foot problems directly affect other parts of the body, including the knees, pelvis, hips and spine, and can cause other physical ailments that drag on for years, such as heel spurs, stress fractures, muscle pain, inflamed tendonitis, repetitive sprains, leg pain in diabetics, back pain, sore knees, etc.

If you can see uneven wear on the heels of your running shoes, or excessive wear on your regular shoes; if you suffer from pain in any of the above-mentioned areas, you could probably benefit from orthotics. In many cases pain and suffering are unnecessary and can be relieved quickly and efficiently with properly fitted orthotics.

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

Our Space: Dedicated to Effective Therapy & Comfort

We have been in our Union Square location for over 16 years and are proud of the reputation we have earned all over NYC.  Our treatment space is located in Lower Manhattan, a block North of Union Square. 

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Our dedicated and experienced team of therapists and paramedical support staff are what empower us to help our patients. 

Well-trained, experienced, and motivated to help you feel better, you can count on our team of physical therapists and massage therapists to help you move and feel better.

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  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

  • James Fowler Physical Therapy: Interior

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